Automatically Expiring CloudFlare IP Blocks by Age

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In my last post I talked about how to automatically add IP blocks to CloudFlare from your own server. I also talked about the problem that could lead to, which is potentially 1000s of IP blocks mounting up over time (leading to firewall performance issues, and hitting your CloudFlare IP block limit). I mulled over the best solution to this … Read More

Automatically Adding ConfigServer Firewall (CSF) Firewall Blocks to CloudFlare

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Unfortunately, having mod_cloudflare installed on ones server does not mean that the server’s front-end firewall (ConfigServer Firewall in one instance for me) sees the correct remote IP address for requests routed via CloudFlare. It appears mod_cloudflare (which is after all an Apache ‘mod’) works great for applications querying the REMOTE_ADDR server value from within Apache, but in many cases the … Read More

Block Distributed SMTP Auth Attacks, But Allow Google to Send SMTP via Server

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There’s a handy way to knock all distributed SMTP AUTH attacks on the head by switching off the advertising of SMTP AUTH to all but specified IP addresses and IP address ranges. It works perfectly. For details on how to achieve this on a WHM/cPanel server, see here: Great! However there’s a problem. Many many people like to use … Read More

CloudFlare & WHM/cPanel Apache Server Firewall Conflict

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CloudFlare adds another level of security and resilience in front of our dedicated server. It’s an excellent idea and for basic use, it’s completely free. Fab. However, there’s a problem. Because all server traffic which is routed via CloudFlare effectively comes from CloudFlare, and because it’s imperative CloudFlare’s IP address ranges are never blocked (because one bad apple would spoil … Read More

Optimising WordPress Installation For Google PageSpeed Insights

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I decided to implement Aetherweb’s own site using WordPress partly as a learning experience (it’s my first play with WordPress 4+) and partly because it made things quick and easy. As soon as I launched the new site live I navigated to Google PageSpeed insights: I discovered a considerable number of issues with image optimisation, above the fold javascript … Read More

Welcome to Aetherweb’s Blog!

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I’ve been meaning to start a blog for Aetherweb for some time – and I’ve finally got round to doing it. I think it will be useful for me as a reference, but also for other people who are working on the same things as I am, and who are searching the web for an answer to a problem I’ve … Read More