The FIELD STATION | NATURAE OBSERVATIO is a unique and tested autonomous micro field station system developed to observe biospheres without disturbing Nature. It is adapted to be flexible, field dignified and robust. A platform for scientific observations as well as documentation of a landscape, developed by a group of international specialists – Aetherweb Ltd is responsible for the software design – led by … Read More

Aetherweb now makes Android Apps


I can now create Android apps. One small silver lining resulting from the UK’s CV-19 lockdown. My first app, is an “app” version of Aetherweb’s password generator/manager “aeKee” which you can learn more about here… Currently, aeKee is pending review by Google prior to going live on the Google Play (Android) App Store. How exciting!

Expedition to Svalbard with The IK Foundation

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In May 2019 I was extremely privileged and proud to be able to travel to Svalbard, Norway as part of a team put together by The IK Foundation – one of Aetherweb’s oldest clients – to design, configure and install a state of the art remote weather and wildlife monitoring station. The station is (at time of writing) taking 100s … Read More

Bulk Editing PHP-FPM .yaml Files on a cPanel Server

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When running all or most of ones client accounts on a cPanel server under PHP-FPM, making a change to PHP.INI in the usual ways has no effect. WHM Multi-PHP INI Editor does not work in the ‘normal’ way and nor do individual users’ cPanel account INI editors; in fact the way to make changes is (at time of writing) to … Read More

CouchCMS Shortcode for Automatic Image Resizing In RichText

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I have a client that wants to use CouchCMS (an open source content management system) to add content to their website. The content varies, and the pages contain many images of different sizes – the originals of which are often very large. Manually resizing these images to create appropriately sized thumbnail and larger versions would be a very onerous task. … Read More


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A few days ago I launched Aetherweb’s latest project live on the web, aeKee. A secure vault, password generator and sharer I developed because of my dissatisfaction with other commercial options available. I’d used LastPass up until early this year when I was made aware of their incompetence – technical and customer service. Google had identified, very very easily, gaping … Read More

LastPass and SaltThePass

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Password managers are obviously attractive targets for cybercriminals – but they’re considered by most to be better than any alternative. The thought of having my entire password manager vault/archive compromised was giving me cold sweats in the wee small hours. What else could I do though!? Then LastPass’s browser plugin was repeatedly shown to be highly insecure by Google Project … Read More

Solved: cPanel’s CPHULK, CloudFlare and X-Forwarded-For

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At the time of posting, there is a feature request on the cPanel website which, if approved, would enable the admin of a cPanel server to have CPHULK act on the content of the X-Forwarded-For header in HTTP requests. cPanel feel this is a bad idea because the X-Forwarded-For header is easily spoofed. Which could lead to all sorts … Read More