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A few days ago I launched Aetherweb’s latest project live on the web, aeKee. A secure vault, password generator and sharer I developed because of my dissatisfaction with other commercial options available. I’d used LastPass up until early this year when I was made aware of their incompetence – technical and customer service. Google had identified, very very easily, gaping … Read More

LastPass and SaltThePass

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Password managers are obviously attractive targets for cybercriminals – but they’re considered by most to be better than any alternative. The thought of having my entire password manager vault/archive compromised was giving me cold sweats in the wee small hours. What else could I do though!? Then LastPass’s browser plugin was repeatedly shown to be highly insecure by Google Project … Read More

Solved: cPanel’s CPHULK, CloudFlare and X-Forwarded-For

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At the time of posting, there is a feature request on the cPanel website which, if approved, would enable the admin of a cPanel server to have CPHULK act on the content of the X-Forwarded-For header in HTTP requests. cPanel feel this is a bad idea because the X-Forwarded-For header is easily spoofed. Which could lead to all sorts … Read More

Deleting Per Account cPanel Error Logs

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cPanel does not rotate or in any way limit the size of the per-account error_logs which are created for each folder of each account on the server by Apache. Apache can be configured not to create them at all but they are extremely handy for debugging. They can of course become very large and hog a lot of disk space, … Read More

CloudFlare Free Full SSL; Not As Secure As You Think?

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CloudFlare offer the option to provide SSL for your website without the hassle or expense of obtaining an SSL certificate. It really is quite a hassle and it’s definitely expensive (relatively) so this is brilliant, especially as Google do rate an SSL site higher than a non-SSL one. All you have to do is put your site behind CloudFlare and … Read More

Adding CPanel/WHM cPHulk IP Blocks to CSF & CloudFlare

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I’m running ConfigServer Firewall with its associated LFD (Login Failure Daemon) on one of my servers. LFD I believe does much the same job as cPHulk but advice I found online suggests that if resources aren’t hogged then enable both for a stronger setup. cPHulk has (in the CPanel/WHM control panel) an option to run an external command when an … Read More