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A few days ago I launched Aetherweb’s latest project live on the web, aeKee. A secure vault, password generator and sharer I developed because of my dissatisfaction with other commercial options available.

I’d used LastPass up until early this year when I was made aware of their incompetence – technical and customer service. Google had identified, very very easily, gaping holes in their software. So I built my own, but did so such that anyone with a referral link could use it too. More information, screenshots and some demo links here:

I’ve also created a very very cut down system which uses the same underlying encryption/decryption algorithm, but does not require a login. You can use it offline too which has a number of benefits – and means you can save the files that make it work, and access them in your browser without the need to connect the the internet. Really handy for making encrypted chunks of information for your eyes only – which you can simply copy and paste into a text document… just don’t forget the password! Have a play (the password to decrypt the pre-loaded ciphertext is ‘aekee’):

Note that you can repeatedly click ‘encrypt’, so you can use the same passphrase to re-encrypt a few times if you wish. Decryption will then take the same number of steps in reverse.

The files making this all work are now available to view – and tweak if you wish – on GitHub: