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A few days ago I launched Aetherweb’s latest project live on the web, aeKee. A secure vault, password generator and sharer I developed because of my dissatisfaction with other commercial options available. I’d used LastPass up until early this year when I was made aware of their incompetence – technical and customer service. Google had identified, very very easily, gaping … Read More

LastPass and SaltThePass

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Password managers are obviously attractive targets for cybercriminals – but they’re considered by most to be better than any alternative. The thought of having my entire password manager vault/archive compromised was giving me cold sweats in the wee small hours. What else could I do though!? Then LastPass’s browser plugin was repeatedly shown to be highly insecure by Google Project … Read More

Solved: cPanel’s CPHULK, CloudFlare and X-Forwarded-For

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At the time of posting, there is a feature request on the cPanel website which, if approved, would enable the admin of a cPanel server to have CPHULK act on the content of the X-Forwarded-For header in HTTP requests. cPanel feel this is a bad idea because the X-Forwarded-For header is easily spoofed. Which could lead to all sorts … Read More