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I’ve been meaning to start a blog for Aetherweb for some time – and I’ve finally got round to doing it.

I think it will be useful for me as a reference, but also for other people who are working on the same things as I am, and who are searching the web for an answer to a problem I’ve already solved.

I’ve recently been jumping through the hoops required to automatically generate and upload movies to YouTube. A very difficult task indeed, but one which I’ve now solved. When I get 5 I hope to post some instructions.

I’m currently in the process of setting up a Google Compute Instance as a multiple user, multiple website web server running WHM/cPanel. I’m struggling at the moment – it’s very difficult. If I can manage it, I’ll post the details of how I solved the multitude of problems. It’s well worth the effort. Google Compute Instances are run on the very same infrastructure as Google’s own systems. It’s blisteringly fast, infinitely reliable, and very very cool!

For the moment however I’m busy busy busy populating this exciting new, responsive, retina ready website of ours.